Catherine the Great's Summer Palace

​Outside St. Petersburg

In this station, each of the ceiling openings had a different mosaic pictures depicting scenes from WWII..

The ancient city of Jerusalem

This is a close-up of one of the figures on the ceiling above.  It's all done with mosaic  tiles so the colors will not fade.  

A delightful vendor in the Shuk

​Israel and Jordan​

This is  inside  one of the many underground subway stations in Moscow.

These pictures were taken inside the massive Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg

This is one of the 117 staircases in the Hermitage Museum

Inside the Bolshoi  Theater

In this staton, each doorway had two statues.  If you touched this dog's nose it would bring you luck.

Petra in Jordan

TOur first night in Jerusalem

St. Basil's Cathedral in Red Square on a bitter cold morning.

Our train from Moscow to St. Petersburg

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Taken just outside red square.  Moscow

These are close up photos of the roof tiles on St. Basil's Cathedral

These are some pictures from my latest trip to Russia and Finland.  Having traveled to some amazing places, I decided to share  some of my pictures.  

Our guide - left  and his friend

Rob Anderson  - Seascape Paintings of the Coast of Maine and it's Working Waterfronts

                           Yo Ho Ho... A PAINTER'S LIFE FOR ME!

        “If you keep on practicing , maybe someday I'll let you paint my fence.”   This was the comment from a wise-ass Uncle upon seeing one my earliest works of art..  His sarcastic comment has bothered me for years and  I've never forgotten it.
         What a misfit I was growing up in a land of redneck Mormons, high in the Uintah Mountains on a cattle ranch in Utah. I was a  frail blonde, over sensitive kid who needed  glasses and started school at the age of 4. From kindergarten until I graduated from college, all I really cared about was drawing and painting... It was a way for me to escape.

        There was a two year interruption after high school when the Mormon church sent me to Nova Scotia and PEI to  sell religion. The only really positive thing for me to come out of that was an introduction to the East Coast  of the US and a growing love of the rugged shore of the Atlantic ocean.

        Enduring the friction between  a cattle rancher & his gay son; I survived and somehow managed to earn a spot on an International Touring Dance Team for Brigham Young University.  Later I owned a  Salon and was a stylist for 17 years.  I have learned to knit up a storm and am continuing to attempt to master the potters wheel and the beautiful art of stained glass.. 

      My youth taught me appreciation for nature and it's beauty. Dancing and touring across Europe and communist China among other places, instilled in me the hunger for travel and discovering other cultures.

       Religious repression gave me the courage to get the hell out of dodge when the Mormons gave me the boot. Traveling the US for a year, and wanting to be as far away from Utah as I could, I landed in Maine.   Twenty one years now I've called  Portland my home.

      Being an Operations Agent for Casco Bay Lines certainly isn't an artistic calling but it does have it's rewards. I love to eat fine foods and drink excellent wine.  I also enjoy seeing the islanders daily, many of which  have become close friends.   I'm also  lucky to be able to work by the water. I don't even mind a rusty car or cleaning the seagull shit from my windshield.

       I've  painted on-site in some inspiring places. The Alaskan tundra, the British Isles... the Grand Tetons and now the craggy coast of Maine. The possibilities here are endless. I do love to paint and think maybe now I'm ready to tackle my uncle's fence. Too bad..he's gone now.   Maybe  he is resting in peace... or NOT!