Rob Anderson  - Seascape Paintings of the Coast of Maine and it's Working Waterfronts

Another group shot of our dance team and tour directors at the Great Wall of China

Stained Glass windows I made

for our kitchen 

This a table that when given to me was  Pepto Bismol pink.  It was hideous so decided to change it a bit. 

Gay Pride Parade - Amsterdam

These are some booties I made for some friends new arrival 

       Rob Anderson


Studio Location


How Switzerland solved its mice problem

This a group picture

of our international dance team on a

6 week European tour

New sox I just finished knitting to wear with my Utilikilt at work

The Cliffs of Dun Aengus on the Island of 
Inishmor  in Galway Bay Ireland

The Matterhorn

Helsinki Finland at Christmas Time


I'd really like some bigger bells!!

Hiking from Murren to Gimmelweld 


Taxi service meets the boat

 on Inish Mohr